A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

  1. Void Sanctum is a fantasy roguelike featuring a highly descriptive MUD-inspired style. Many planned mechanics, such as fully realised armour and weapons, didn't make it in due to time constraints but the game is playable and loseable (hey, it's a roguelike) with several locations and dungeons to explore.

Version 1.0 is the 7DRL version of the game, made in seven days.
Version 1.01 is the first patch for the 7DRL version of the game, holding no new features, only the most critical bug-fixes and optimizations.


  • When running other resolutions than 1920x1080, the UI is not rendered correctly (Note that Unity will simulate this resolution correctly for you, even if you screen doesn't support it).
  • Running Void Sanctum on Mac OSX will require you to allow the game to run for "Unidentified Developer".

Install instructions

Unzip into a new folder and run Void Sanctum.exe


Void Sanctum 1.01 - for Windows 92 MB
Void Sanctum 1.01 - for Mac OS X 95 MB
Void Sanctum 1.01 - for Linux 105 MB
Void Sanctum 1.0 - for Windows. 432 MB